Jesper Mulder

Game Designer

I am a game designer with close to 3 years of experience, working on over 15 different games.

Currently enrolled as a Game-Design student at BUas, and looking for an internship starting from September 2020

My Resumé


Tech-Design, Generalist

System Designer
General Designer

15 Designers
5 Programmers
13 Artists

Unreal Engine 4
Visual Studio

2nd September 2019 – Ongoing

Exhibited is a first-person stealth game where you use your advanced movement abilities and gadgets to traverse a well-guarded villa.

This project is ongoing and is estimated to release Q2 of 2020. It is built on Unreal Engine 4 and will be released on Steam.


  • Score system and multiple outros system
  • Production of alpha release trailer
  • Movement System

Chaddius Maximus

General game designer

General Designer

7 Designers
6 Programmers
4 Artists

Coyote Engine
Tiled Map Editor
Premiere Pro

7th May  2019 – Juli 13th 2019

Chaddius Maximus is a Metroidvania style game, combining features from the classic games ‘Castlevania’ and ‘Metroid’. The game is set on a fully custom built engine and the levels designed with the Tiled editor.


  • Design of the game loop
  • Finding and resolving bugs
  • Create page and trailer

An Englishman in New-York – An Arma 3 Level

Level scripter

Level Scripter

2 Designers

Eden Editor

27th November 2019 – Ongoing

“An Englishman in New-York” is an open world scenario for Arma 3. The scenario is designed in a way that the player can follow the main storyline, but can also roam-free, do side-objectives and improve their gear inbetween missions.


  • Level scripting of task-flow, AI behaviour and level settings
  • Design of level concept and writing of story
  • Set dressing general and mission areas