Jesper Mulder

Technical System –  & Game Designer

I am a student at BUAS in Breda, the Netherlands. I am currently in my third year of my Creative Media and Game Technologies study as a designer. When not studying I like to spend my spare time playing games, but also developing content for personal game or otherwise design-related projects. I enjoy getting to know new concepts and processes and strive to be versatile as a game-developer.

My experience as a designer has mostly been as part of large development teams (30+ people) but also alone or in small teams (2 – 6 people). The type of projects I have worked on have spanned from short (3 days) to large (1 year), and anywhere in between. This has forced me to be a versatile and adaptive designer.
Troughout the projects I have worked on I have mostly taken the role of a technical/system designer. Concepting a system, prototyping and playtesting the prototype are my core competencies. I also have experience in concepting games on a higher level, and creating marketing assets such as trailers.

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Game Design

Due to the small size of most of my project groups, I have become most profficient as a general designer. I have experience in every role and function in setting up and finishing a project.

Technical Design

I am experienced in visual scripting and designing/creating systems. I worked with nodemaps troughout my time working in Unreal Engine, and also have experience in level scripting. 

Graphical Media Editing

I learned and have become proficient in a number of graphical media editing softwares such as Adobe Photoshop, Premiere Pro, InDesign and Illustrator. This allows me to make mockups quickly and create showcases of products.


I have been part of the first stage of a project on many projects, and that means that concepting the core game design is always a major priority. I am effective in brainstorming, concepting and materializing concepts.

Agile Project Planning

I have 3 years of experience using Agile planning and the Scrum method. Both as a participant, and a Scrum master.


I speak Dutch natively.
Having studied in an English-only course for 3 years, I learned English to a professional level.


Unreal Engine 4

2017 – present


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Google Suite

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Office Suite

2017 – present

Graphic Editing

Adobe Creative Cloud

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Project Planning Tools

Atlassian Jira

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Source Control


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