Slippery Slap & ATX Pengu

In these games you play as a penguin. In Slippery Slap you save your baby from evil researchers. In ATX pengu you play as the same penguin, but here you have to defeat an evil virus, trying to destroy your components.

Roles: General game design – Video & Audio

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Chaddius Maximus

Chaddius Maximus is a metroidvania-style game made on a custom engine. The game combines platforming, player upgrades, and bossfights to recreate the nostalgic experience of classics such as Metroid and Castlevania

Roles: General game design – Quality assurance

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This is a first-person stealth game in where you play as an inventor who is tasked with stealing an item from a evil organization. Avoid guards and collect treasures to achieve your high-score.

Roles: System design – UI & UX design

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Arma 3 Scenario

“An Englishman in New-York” is an open-world scenario for Arma 3. The design-goal for this scenario is to give the feeling of freedom, while keeping the player interested through interesting characters and dynamic events.

Roles: Level scripting – Level Design – Set-Dressing

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