My roles

General Game Design
Quality Assurance

Team make-up

8 Designers
6 Programmers
4 Visual Artists

Programs used

Coyote Engine
Tiled Map Editor
Premiere pro

Production period

27th November 2019 – Ongoing

What is this game?

Chaddius Maximus is a metroidvania-style game made on a custom engine. The game combines platforming, player upgrades, and bossfights to recreate the nostalgic experience of classics such as Metroid and Castlevania. All while built on a custom modular engine that allows for rapid level building.

In this game you fight scary monsters who quietly overtook a neighbouring kingdom. Your own king has sent you on a quest to find out what happened in this dark land, but the monsters are a larger challenge than expected. 


I worked on this project with team of 18 people, over a duration of 7 weeks.
The main design constraint was the genre. As a metroidvania style game we needed to include player agency, bossfights and platforming. 

My Part

Balancing, bug-fixing, and polishing

To test features and level moments I used the Tiled editor. In this editor you can edit aspects of a level by putting different materials in the grid, allowing for rapid iteration and prototyping.

With the editor, I built testing environments for balancing, bug-fixing, and polishing of features.
In the engine, I had access to a debug interface in which I could change all variables. By constantly playtesting with non-team testers I narrowed down variables to most optimally support the intended game feel, and be fun to playtesters at the same time.
I was also responsible for finding and resolving bugs in the game. Using testing environments I rigorously tested each feature and, whenever I ran into a bug, I would record, label, and prioritize it. Then I met with the programming-team to resolve it together. Only when it was patched I would be done with the issue. 

Game design and reception

A major goal for this project was to have a strong unique selling point. 
To achieve this I decided to take the core aspects of the game, and design the USP into the core of the game. The eventual result of this is a spear, that the player uses against enemies by thrusting or throwing it at them, but also creates a new platform for the player to stand on when hitting a specific surface. This opened a wide range of new movement and combat opportunities and resulted in a more in-depth gameplay experience.

I was responsible for creating the trailer of this game. After recording the footage I edited the video with a peer. The trailer received over 400 impressions on YouTube.
I also created the page with its content attempting to appeal to as many players as possible. The game was downloaded close to 1000 times, and received over 4000 impressions.