My roles

Quality Assurance

Team make-up

3 Designers
2 Programmers
4 Visual Artists

Programs used

Unreal Engine 4

Production period

20th November 2018 – 7th December 2018

What is this Game?

CortexCannon is a game in where you play as a brain that has the ability to shoot lasers to defeat enemies, but also uses the laser to traverse the level. You are a CIA agent that has to escape the Martian prison and reach the robot suit to escape!


The theme constraint for this project was “1950’s science fiction”. Because of this, I decided on a cold-war setting with the main character being a reference to the famous ‘Mars Attacks’ card game and the movie with the same name.
This game was created in a time span of only 3 weeks by a team of 9 people. It was built on Unity and was not released.

My part:

  • Design of the movement system
  • Creating of the trailer

My Part

Level scripting of task-flow, AI behaviour and level settings

I have scripted on several levels in this scenario. I wrote a script to improve the stability and performance of the scenario that decreases the load on the computer without any noticeable changes in-game. I wrote and used several scripts to lay down the scenario’s rules such as the allowed areas, time of day, civilian precense and fast-travelling. Lastly I set up the task-flow in the editor in a way that is more readable and effective to itterate by using simple scripts.

Design of level concept and writing of story

Together with my peer I picked the location for this Scenario. I then divided the city we chose into different areas that all have different characteristics, events and dangers. Together we wrote a storyline on a high level, after which we started working on laying down the framework and scripting for each mission to function. When the entire mission was technically done, we started implementing additional features and narrative uncluding NPC interaction, a briefing and ambient sounds, events and traffic to make everything feel more alive.