My roles

System Design

Team make-up

12 Designers
5 Programmers
11 Visual Artists

Programs used

Unreal Engine 4
Adobe XD/ Premiere pro

Production period

2nd September 2019 –
26th June 2020

What is this project?

Project Exhibited is a realistic first-person stealth game set in a Mediterranean palazzo in the 1960s. As described above, you play as Dana the inventor thief who uses gadgets to fulfill her mission; there is the shock glove, used to take out enemies (both guards and security cameras), the infrared goggles to detect guards through walls within a certain range and a noise maker to distract guards and lure them to where it is thrown.
Once you have retrieved the artifact and possibly some extra loot you can collect throughout the level, the next challenge awaits you;
Escape the palazzo without being caught.


This is a year-long project I worked on as part of ‘Team Thieves’. This is a 38 person team of students from Breda University of Applied Sciences.  

My Part

Score system and multiple outros system

On this project I designed, implemented, and polished the score & outro system. The purpose of this is to motivate players to play more in accordance with the intended playstyle. Players are rewarded for shocking guards, disabling cameras and remaining unseen, all of which is intended to increase the stealthy gameplay experience. Players are also rewarded for collecting vases that are scattered throughout the levels which increases exploration and thus playtime among the players.
Based on their score the scoreboard assigns a playstyle to the player and this determines the outcome of the level. In total there are 9 unique possible endings for each level.

Production of alpha release trailer

I have been responsible for creating the trailer from start to finish.
I produced and edited the trailer, and worked with an outsource team to create the audio.
I started by deciding what I wanted to show and the feeling the trailer should convey, and based the sequences on this. I used the camera sequencer function of Unreal Engine to move cameras and change focus and aperture.
When I had the picture-locked version of the trailer I sent it to the audio team who designed sound and music for it. On the last day I re-rendered the trailer in its entirety to ensure the footage included all the latest art and lighting. I edited the trailer and added the end-card; after which it was presented to our stakeholders, shared on social media and posted on the Steam-Store.

Movement System

During the first stage of production I designed the movement system of the project.
I designed the movement system in a way that motivates the player to be stealthy. However, it also allows players to be quick and nimble in case they are detected by guards. Sprinting is actively discouraged by the sound it generates; this can attract unwanted attraction from enemies.
I added the ability  to climb and vault over and on objects. This extends the way the game is played vertically. By climbing tall objects the player is able to avoid confrontation and find secret paths. This enhances gamefeel and playtime.