My roles

General game design
Marketing & Audio

Team make-up

6 Designers

Programs used

Unreal Engine
Adobe Premiere Pro

Production period

26th – 29th Januari 2019
26th – 29th Januari 2020

What are these games?

Slippery Slap:
Slippery Slap is a third-person action game. It revolves around slapping as many enemies as possible in order to charge up the super-attack. With this super-attack the player could advance to the next area, and eventually win the game.

ATX Pengu:
The second game is much different. ATX Pengu is a top-down tower defense. The player has to protect all their computer components while fighting off a virus. Using the penguin-mounted blaster and the environmental gadgets the player has to protect the PC as effectively as possible to finish installing the antivirus.


I participated in these Game Jams with 5 peers. All of whom are designers. The time to build these games was restricted to only 48 hours. The main challenges were the massive time and scope constraints, but also the lack of variety in skill. This meant that I was forced to fulfill roles I was not formerly acquainted with. I learned a lot from these experiences.
These games were created during the Global Game Jam 2019 and 2020. The theme of the first jam was “Home”, and the second jam was “Repair”.
In Slippery Slap the theme is represented in the environment of the player character, and in ATX Pengu this is represented in the gameplay where you have to repair the computer components.

My Part

Concepting gameplay and narrative

During the first hours of this project I helped come up with the gameplay and narrative of the game. I was mostly responsible for the design of a number of systems that allowed the game logic to interact with the levels.
I proceeded working on creating all of the audio in the game. I worked on ambient sounds, combat, character and environmental audio.
During the last hours I created the trailer of this project. I used cameras on splines to create cinematic recordings of the environment, and used gameplay footage for the apex of the intensity, closing the video with an interesing visual effect from the game.

Trailer and marketing material

For both these project I took responsibility for the trailer and images; both of which deliverables for Global Game Jams.
The main purpose of these is to show some gameplay, but also be funny and memorable. Since the second project was a sequel to the first I used the same characters for both. Many viewers in the audience recognized and appreciated the recurrence.
In the trailers I decided on a slow opening, a high-energy gameplay part, and a cliffhanger ending. The purpose of this was to overdramatize the trailers far more than necessary, and made them more ironic.

Systems and UI

ATX Pengu:
An issue we came across was that the zones were too difficult to find, and even more difficult to see which one was under attack. That is why I worked on a compass. This UI feature shows what direction is north, and where the zones are relative to the player. When a zone is under attack by the virus it starts blinking red.
I blueprinted the zones in a manner that allows the level designer to make any static mesh a zone, so that when the art was implemented later, they could be used as zones without any extra work. I added a loading bar as well to indicate how close the player was to completion.