My roles

General game design
Marketing & Audio

Team make-up

6 Designers

Programs used

Unreal Engine
Adobe Premiere Pro

Production period

26th – 29th Januari 2019

What is this game?

In Slippery Slap you are a pinguin, fighting to save its baby from evil researchers that have captured her. Use your slaps and slipperyness to slap your way through zones of scary enemies with big weapons.


This game was created during the Global Game Jam 2019. The theme of this GGJ was “Home“.
Based on this theme we game up with the concept of a pinguing rescuing its’ offspring from humans that invaded her home.

My part:

My Contributions

Concepting gameplay and narrative

During the concepting phase of this project I helped come up with the gameplay and narrative of the game. Was mostly responsible for some shit i dont remember because i was really tired at the time.
In the pre-production phase of this project worked on creating all of the audio in the game. I worked on ambient sounds, combat, character and environmental audio.
During the final part of the production I created the trailer of this project. I used cameras on splines to create cinematic recordings of the environment, and used gameplay footage for the apex of the intensity, closing the video with an interesing visual effect from the game.

Trailer and marketing material

GFX, SFX and environment